Medical Protective Gown

Protective gown is sewed with non-woven fabric, using an elastic and thread combination. This protective clothing is manufactured from the Polypropylene (PP) non-woven fabric. Ma­terials are supplied by large-scale woven fabric manufacturing oompanies. The manufactur­ing procedures require that quality is checked from the input materials to the output product. This product is environmentally friendly and does not cause negative effects to the user’s health or environment. The product is onetime use, disposable only.





This product is tested by Vinacontrol No. 20G15TND.05429-01/02. To be used as protective clothing and plastic bags, blue/white. FDA establishment owner/operator number 10076117 for surgical apparel, non-surgical isolation gowns and personal protection kits. ISO 13485:2016 certification. See Group Certificates for further information.


This is for the 20gsm gown, for further information about various gsm thicknesses please contact us at