3D Medical Mask For Teen Girl

3D Mask is disposable only. Mask is used to protect the respiratory system in an effective, comfortable and hygien­ic manner. 4-layer white disposable mask for protection from dust and droplets. It is manufactured from a non-woven fabric including the micro-filtering layer. The product is a breakthrough of NUT masks. It prevents small particle size penetration and is antibacterial. The mask achieves a filtering efficiency higher than 95%. The mask has a 3D folding edge and a elastic wearing band. 3D mask is designed in a parallel piped shape to give the nose room and to adapt to the many shapes and dimensions of various faces.

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  • Color: White.
  • Elastic band: White elasticity substance.
  • Non-woven fabric and milky white antibacterial fabric.
  • Outside layer (Layer 1): Polypropylen and polyester non-woven fabric. Weight: 30/gms.
  • Inside layer (Layer 2): Polypropylen and polyester non-woven fabric. Weight: 25/gms.
  • Antibacterial layer (Layer 3): Spunbond + Meltbown – SMS + Spunbond Nonwoven fabric.  Weight: 25-30/gms
  • Inside layer (Layer 4): Polypropylen and polyester non-woven fabric. Weight: 25/gms


This product is certified by the National Institute of Medical Device and Construction under the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, No. 082820/VTTB-DGCL in accordance with the technical specifications of Standard TCVN 8389-1:2010- Normal disposable mask. To be used to protect the respiratory system, dust filtering, antibacterial and water or liquid resistant. Pursuant to Basic Standard of Nutica Company, No. TCCS: 01-2020/CTY-NUTICA and certificate, FDA – CE – ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 13485:2016 certifications. See Group Certificates for further information.



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