Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Safety First Healthcare products manufactured?

All of our factories are in Vietnam.  We have mask, gown, glove and hand sanitizer factories.

Does Saftey First produce children’s masks?

Yes, we produce both 4-ply and 3D for kids in many different styles.  We have both children’s and teenage sizes.

Is it enough to social distance or do I still need a mask?

Studies show that the combination of social distancing and wearing a mask along with frequent use of hand sanitizer is the safest combination to keep people safe.

How long can you wear a disposable face mask?

The general public should not wear a disposable mask for more than 1 day.  If it gets dirty, wet or damaged in any way, it should be replaced.   When you take it off to eat or drink, you should dispose of the old mask, wash or sanitize your hands, and replace it with a new one once you have finished eating.

Who is LGY?

LGY is a joint venture partner with Safety First Healthcare who does retail sales in the America’s for us.  You may find our products for retail sale on their website at lgyenterprises.com

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Why is the Safety First hand sanitizer in a spray rather than a gel?

Research shows that liquid or spray hand sanitizer is effective faster than gel.  Please see the Learn More section of this site to understand why we make the sanitizer the way we do.

How many types of masks does Safety First make?

We have 3 primary styles of masks: 3D, 4-ply and N95.  The 3D mask is a creation of Safety First.  It is a 4-layer mask designed to give the wearer more room to breath while cupping the face more tightly.  The N95 is a medical mask which is 5 layers for medical purposes.

What types of gloves does Safety First Healthcare make?

We make vinyl, latex and nitrile gloves.

What is the thickness of the nitrile gloves?

They are 4 mils – 5 mils.

Does Safety First Healthcare sell products retail or wholesale?

We sell to both markets.  Our partner in the US for retail sales is a company called LGY Enterprises.