Safety First Healthcare Certificates


Safety First has FDA and Health Canada certifications which cover all of our products:   4-ply masks – adult and kids, 3D masks – adults and kids, Nut95 masks – N95 respirator masks, Gloves – latex and nitrile both examination and medical, Hand Sanitizer – 60 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, 300 ml, 500 ml/10 scents, Gowns – all gsm levels including surgical, Suits – various gsm levels including isolation, Caps and Shoe Coverings.


Safety First Healthcare Hand Sanitizer:  FDA certification for all 10 fragrances.  Certified for meeting the sufficient conditions for cosmetic production by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health No. 74/H¬CM-DKSXMP. Labeler Name: Safety First Healthcare Corp, Labeler DUNS: 117588956, Label Code Assigned: 79682. 

Our factories have their own FDA certifications as well as certificates for conformity to quality operating and manufacturing procedures such as ISO and CE.


Nutica Masks Factory:   FDA certification for medical masks and respirator surgical mask, Certificate of Conformity (CE), ISO 9001:2015, Vinacontrol testing certificate.

Delatech Protective Clothing Factory:  FDA certification for gowns, isolation suits, personal protective kits, caps and shoe coverings. Also, CE-ISO 900I:2014 and Vinacontrol. This product is certified by the National Institute of Medical Device and Construction under the Ministry of Health of Vietnam in accordance with the technical specifications of Standard TCVN 03 I 720NTTB-DGCL. To be licensed for use for manufacturing in accordance with the basic standards of Delatech Company No.TCCS:01-2020/CTY-DELATECH.