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Safety First Healthcare is a US company which was established due to the high demand for safe personal protective equipment (PPE) globally.  Never before has the general world population been more aware of items like masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.  Most importantly, people have become extremely conscious of the need for quality and safety of masks.  The founders and owners of Safety First have more than 20 years’ experience living and working in China and Asia.   During those years, we have personally lived through the SARS and H1N1 pandemics while operating large businesses with thousands of employees.  We successfully kept our staff safe without closing the business or even having employees work from home.  During this time, we did not have one employee who became ill.  These experiences gave us an in-depth knowledge of what is required to keep people safe and the steps needed to prevent contracting the viruses.  As a result, we became quite familiar with the importance personal protective equipment, particularly masks, gloves and sanitizers. 

When establishing Safety First we decided to investigate Asia countries which could meet four important, basic requirements: 

               1)  High government standards and regulations for personal protective equipment

               2)  Country free of political entanglements and controversy affecting the supply chain

               3)  Country free of trade wars

               4)  Skilled and reasonably priced labor pool

This search led us to Vietnam which met all of the criteria we were seeking.  The Vietnam government regulations for personal protective equipment are strict with required testing of fabrics and materials that PPE is comprised of.  Testing must be done by both an independent approved testing laboratory as well as the Ministry of Health testing laboratories in order to gain the required certificates of safety and quality.

A good example of the high standards of safety and quality control in Vietnam is one of only two government qualified testing companies called Vinacontrol.  Founded in 1957, it was the first Vietnamese inspection, testing, certification and quality assessment company.  Vinacontrol holds quality and safety certifications with ASTM (America). CE (European Union), DIN (Germany), BSI (England) and others.  They also have ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 certifications.  Vinacontrol is the independent testing laboratory for all of Safety First personal protective equipment.

Based on in-depth research and established contacts in the country, Safety First quickly found a large mask factory in Vietnam, called Nutica, which was primarily selling to Vietnam clients.  Safety First is the majority shareholder of Nutica and since taking ownership, we have gathered 22 other satellite factories in Vietnam under the Nutica umbrella.  Together we are able to produce 200 million 4-ply masks per week. 

We built a factory specifically for 3D masks and created our own unique design.  Our 3D mask is ergonomically designed to cup around the nose and mouth so it’s easier to breath and comfortable to wear.  It is made with a very high grade non-woven fabric making the mask soft and comfortable.  We make both adult and children sizes in various designs and colors. 

We also have a medical gown, cap and shoe covering factory, called Delatech, under the Safety First group.  Delatech produces various types of medical gowns as well as full protective and isolation suits with hood, caps and shoe coverings attached.  This protective clothing is manufactured in various weights such as 30gsm, 40gsm, 50gsm, 60gsm depending on client use.  We build isolation kits which include a gown/suit, 4-ply mask, nitrile gloves, cap, shoe covering, goggles and face shields.

Safety First has its own brand of vinyl, latex and nitrile gloves. Our glove factories are in Vietnam and Malaysia. Our nitrile gloves are made of 100% Nitrile Butadiene Rubber.  We produce Grade I nitrile examination gloves which are 2.5 mils to 3.5 mils thick and Grade II nitrile medical gloves which are 4.0 mils to 5.0 mils thick. 

Safety First has created our own hand sanitizer which has just received FDA approval.  We partnered with 3 high-end cosmetic companies to manufacture our hand sanitizer.  Safety First hand sanitizer is made with IPA alcohol rather than the harsher ethanol alcohol of most sanitizers in the market.  Our  hand sanitizer is a spray as it is proven to be more effective and doesn’t leave the hands sticky like the gel sanitizers.  We also add vitamin E to moisturize the hands and we have 10 different scents.   

Safety First has FDA certification for all of our products.  The group also have Vinacontrol, Health Canada, FDA 510k certification and/or exemptions, various CE and ISO certifications.  The CDC/NIOSH certification is in process.

The founding members of Safety First are the owners of a company called Viet My International Investment Corporation which has import/export licenses.  Viet My is a critical asset of the group as it allows us to export the PPE from Vietnam to the world.  Factories in Vietnam are not allowed to ship directly from factory to client.  All exporting must be through an import/export licensed company.  The combined Viet My team has more than 10 years’ experience in production, importing/exporting and logistics management.

We own a logistics company called Real Logistics that allows us to provide full shipping services for our clients.  We are able to handle all types of logistics from warehousing to sea freight, commercial air freight, chartered flights and even door to door services for our global clients.  

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